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Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook | 유희열의 스케치북: Seo Taiji, Epitone Project, The Barberettes (2014.11.21)

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Guest : Seo Taiji, Epitone Project, The Barberettes
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babycakes70ify says:

I’ve never listened to any songs by Seo Taiji–except for the remakes, like
“To you” (which I love so much, just like the drama), but I was pleasantly
surprised by his new album, love the sound–especially the song with IU!
Seo Taiji! Seo Taiji!…is daebak :p

Jenizz says:

I never really got the hype around Seo Taiji.. even after watching an
interview of him on Happy Together… But well.. his last song on this show
here really.. blew my mind. I get it now. Although 90s Icon is a very nice
song too.. but.. woah.. he’s actually born for rock / experimental stuff..
The Barberettes were great too and Epitone Project as well. n_n

Rachel Lam says:

90s Icon is a really self-reflective song. Wonder if the lyrics really
reflect how Seo Taiji feels, or if he’s writing about people’s impression
of him as a 90s icon.

ElenaAHX says:

I didnt know Seo Taiji well intially , but after listening to his music
here . Damnn its good .

GIOMcH says:

Finaly eng subs for an interesting interview!! Thanks a million for this!!
I hope KBS World TV give us more about SeoTaiji ^^ with Eng Subs please for
us, his non-Korean fans T–T

Kelly Lpm says:

Seo taiji looks like he’s in late 20s he look so young omg

15maiko says:

I liked/loved all performances/singers^^ <3 though I got to say Seo Taiji
is Amazing!! ^^ I Love him/his music/lyrics there just
Wonderful/Amazing!!^^ <3 <3 <3 Much Love to Seo Taiji and Everyone^^ <3 <3
<3 Amazing performances/singers =) Just Really Loved this Really Great
Show!! <3 <3 <3 =)

Leonardo Quinteros Chocán says:

Seo Taiji is the best! great music

johnny orendain says:

Seo taiji is the best..!! 3 :-)

Shadowclan98 says:

I just lolled at the lyrics in Christmalo.win…. “too legit, but in a
tricky way”. =.=

Sadaf Faqiri says:

Seo Taiji!! <3

Cindy Susanto says:

I’m a fan of Seo Taeji!

Hazelyn Lin says:

Seo Taiji is a package of Mystery,Darkness,Thrill and etc………..

Saphyra Laksmi says:


Stf P says:

I totally love seo taiji TT___TT

Kasthy Nguyen says:

Seo Taiji Daebak!!!

Karla Fernandez says:

Seo tai ji’s “to you” ….daebak!!!!
I was like

Nellihym says:

Congratulations Barberettes! So glad you could be on Sketchbook!

AceGamer says:

Wow .. Seo taiji is really cool

Revigya Joshi says:

could someone explain why the fans scream no way at the end? i’m so so

Kim Jy says:

Those of you who’re interested in Seo Taiji MUST watch this vid! Sooo

taekaiz says:

Seo Taiji

Ariia Almeiida says:

Wow just wow very impressed by seo taiji

kerjaseni says:

thank you for epitone project! to be able to watch and hear cha se jung
live finally…

Bowchuu says:


eighteen Light says:

Seriously when I hear seo taiji voice . I feel calm . Idk why but I really
like him

Mdheew K says:

seo taiji talk just like the way YG talk XD !!

Karol Soul says:


jia en tay says:

Seo Taiji

Sakura KarinK says:

SEO TAIJI !!!!!! (>////<) i just love him!!! 

T43 says:

I love how he brings his own thing to his music.. 자기만의 색갈이 느껴져서 좋아요.. 요즘
가수들은 다 비슷해서.. 외모보다 재능이있는 가수 그리고 많은 프로듀서에게 깊은 관심이 필료합니다..

rm says:

Hes lil bit creepy, but yeahhh…. so charming :3

rm says:

Seoooooo taijiiiiiiiii

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