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White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO Show – CRAZY recent Google leak! Black Hat SEO Conference Secrets!

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Josh and the crew are back to discuss the RECENT crazy google leak everyone is talking about! — here is the link to that software i mentioned 25% off! https://seotoollab.com/special.php try it for a month see how you like it — LINK to facebook channel https://www.facebook.com/groups/361683227538153/


Chris Bachynski says:

This is the only way I get to see my cousin, save for him visiting me after my triumphant trip to the Olympics for Basket Weaving

Meagtr Descon says:

Who is Holy??

Qaiser Shakoor says:

Fruitfull video Can i join you and how?

Michał Suski says:

It is actually less than a year. Just be up to date.

nmr20067 says:

Yeah, Alex Becker admits he's not the best SEO and that most of what he knows today about SEO is from OMG. He says that and he's one of their biggest testimonials.. Becker's actually more of an general Internet Marketer who uses make money with SEO products to make money; he wants to sell you make money online courses and software.. He figured out what many others before him have: The how to make money online niche is very lucrative.. Period.

nmr20067 says:

Damn good show. Chase killed it as always and you guys did too, and you put forth a lot of value. Glad I caught this one..

Kyle Arnold says:

Yet another great video!

Bret Moleta says:

Would you mind repeating all 4 points again? I wasn't listening:)

Callous Mind says:

I loved the sunglasses at night comment Josh! I cracked up. Thank you for always being entertaining.

Bill Owen says:

haha, Chase was "307 re-directed"

Craig Anthony says:

love this show ! cheers guys

Good Girl says:

I love you! My new video about you )

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