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Video SEO – How to Rank on YouTube. Top 10 ways for VSEO ranking & video search engine optimization

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Video SEO (VSEO) – The top 10 ways of How to rank on YouTube using video search engine optimization.

Its not enough to just upload your videos if you want to get top ranking on YouTube, the biggest video search engine in the world, you have to do more and in this video I show you how to rank on YouTube with the top 10 video SEO or VSEO techniques.

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The full blog post is here : http://video-alchemy.com/top-10-ways-to-rank-on-youtube

Number 10 : Define your audience 1:22
Number 9 : Buy your way to the Top 2:12
Number 8 : Use your Tags 3:43
Number 7 : Share your videos 4:47
Number 6 : Watch till the end 5:45
Number 5 : Use Captions 6:48
Number 4 : Make you thumbnails stand out 8:32
Number 3 : Put channel name in your tags 9:51
Number 2 : Optimize your title and description 10:59
Number 1 : Like, Share and subscribe 12:08


James Knight says:

Very informative! Thanks for the great video!

Michael Henderson - Novelist says:

Great video. It was clear, and was not a screaming pitch to buy something.

Barry Krevoy says:

Awesome video, thanks so much!

nekoumapg says:

Thanks for the explanations, Paul. Your video is well made, with a lot of
good information. And, I subscribed and like (not shared though, as the
people I could share it with aren’t particularly interesting in making
Youtube videos). Anyway, thanks again.

sachin gupta says:

Great video sir. .!! 

Don Mak says:

Good info thanks

Faiz Muhmmad says:

Amazing Video sir Great keep it up .. 

Jim Smith says:

Video Alchemy is the best info that I found on making video, and it’s free.
You do a very good presentation on all your videos. I will be recommending
you to my email list for sure. I really like the green screen budget
lighting suggestions on your other video. I been using 4 ft. lights with
success and will take your 5 ft. suggestion to the bank. Your giving better
information here then the courses that I’ve been paying for. Great videos.

Gene Lonergan says:

Great videos.

Mike Turner says:
Greg Carter says:

Is it better to upload ten 3min videos or three 10min videos. Does it
matter? What is the best way to stack the deck in my favor?

Artisan Brown says:

Micro Affiliate Buzz giving you tips, tools, and affiliate buzz.
On a daily and weekly basis.
Please like and share if you like the tip of the day……..

Olivier Parra says:

Great !

freedom4kaz says:

The YouTube Key Word Tool hasn’t worked properly in several months. What is
your suggestion for a “FREE” key word search tool. Most key word tools
search web sites come with a subscription fee.

sciencetutorial4u says:

Thank you. That was really helpful. I have suscribe to ur channel.

Time Pass Matter says:

Hi, What happens to channel rankings if I upload videos in seconds?

Kay Olmstead says:

You rock.

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David Everist says:
David Everist says:

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