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The Ultimate Niche Marketing Blueprint – Part 1 ‘Outside the box keyword research’

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What is niche marketing?
Niche marketing is the process of finding a topic or category and then zooming in until you find a group of targeted people. It it essentially marketing to a group within a group and in this video I show you how to find the most profitable keywords for building your micro niche sites.


Josh Cohen says:

The Ultimate Niche Marketing Blueprint – Part 1

Josh Cohen says:

Yes you just need to make sure it has a good CPC and the competition is
reasonable on adwords.

Stephen Robbins says:

Great video will recommend to my list 🙂

Josh Cohen says:

Hi Richard, The next episode will be ready this weekend!

Josh Cohen says:

That’s nice to heat Lois, make sure to share the video 🙂

Generator4All says:

hey give me your skype i have something to tell you very important no
question just skyper

Josh Cohen says:

Thanks Eric, let me know if you have any questions.

Generator4All says:

Amazing tutorial and niche josh 🙂

taz tom says:

Great tutorial I like it so much.

Eric Sherrod says:

Thanks Josh – have subscribed.

Lois Johnson says:

Thanks Josh, really nice to have some quality information for free.

Spook SEO says:

Dude you have a great video. You’re really patient doing this step-by-step
tutorial on how to use niche in marketing, great tutorial on how to do
this. I believe that finding the right niche that really our interest can
be the 1st factor to consider to start for a new online marketing.

Richard Bluford says:

I am looking forward to the next episode, when will it be ready?

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