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The Money Tree Method — “All the Internet marketers are lying”

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“The money tree method – All the Internet marketers are lying”. It might be confusing to you as I am using a product name along with my statement. Wait for sometime patiently, you will realize why I am mixing these two.

Russ Ruffino recently launched an info product “the money tree method” in which Russ revealed that all the Internet marketers are lying. I paraphrase his words “desperate number of people teasing these methods, it is not what they do.”These are the exact words Russ used in his course.

While explaining what strategy is working right now in the Internet marketing, he revealed this startling fact. Day in day out we tend to buy info products with the hope of becoming rich and end up with frustration. In reality we are making gurus reach, while we are languishing in slavery of information overload.

Russ openly admitted the fact that the so-called Internet gurus what they are teaching is meant for people like us. They may teach about SEO, email marketing, video production, Face book marketing, their business is selling info products.

Russ advocating in “the money tree method” is that we need to model top Internet marketers to be successful. That means you must sell info products rather than buying.
Let us dive into a real-life situation. What is the successful business will do? If you deeply meditate about this you’ll find the answer. The answer is all the successful businesses solve the problems of the Peoples.

They have an ability to identify the problems of the people and come up with real solutions. “In a way solving the problems is creating the value”. Unless one creates value in this world one can’t make money. The key to making money therefore, is creating info products.

Question yourself that “Am I creating value?” If your answer is yes in all probability you are a successful marketer. However if the answer is no you can’t be a successful Internet marketer obviously. Perhaps you have certain stumbling blocks that are preventing you from creating info products. If this is the situation, you need to identify those stumbling blocks and take necessary steps to remove those hurdles. So that transition to a true Internet marketer, capable of creating value in this world becomes a foregone conclusion.

What is the money tree method is all about?

The money tree method is intended to help all the Internet marketers who have misconceptions about info product creation so that it could help them.

The money tree method, with simple strategy you will know how to effectively deal with the important elements of info product creation that is market research, product creation, sales copy creation and finally getting free traffic to your offers. The money tree method is wholesome package covering A to Z about info product creation. It empowers you so much, so that the transition to the info product creator would be a cakewalk.

The money tree method has one main course and 2 OTOs. While the main course deals with all the elements of info product creation, the OTO1 deals with how to outsource the entire work of product creation for pennies. So that you can enjoy concentrating on the work that you truly interested. The second OTO is all about sales copy creation with practical templates.

I highly recommend the main course which is highly affordable as it clears all the misconceptions you may have with regard to info product creation.
With regard to OTO1 I don’t really find much value. If you’re already familiar with outsourcing the tasks this course may be redundant to you. However, if you are new to outsourcing this comes handy. I cannot say anything about OTO2 because I have not purchased that.

In conclusion Russ Ruffino’s “the money tree method” is a must have for the Internet marketers, who wants to be successful in this field as an info product creations.


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