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Josh is back w/ CONTESTs & the BEST 2017 complete guide for SEO – EMAIL ME NOW FOR SEO: joshbachynski@gmail.com — note: the 8 site experiment for the disavow can ACTUALLY be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vod69aXpOlc&t=1277s


Luciano Ribeiro says:

Great content as always!

John McClane says:

Josh, so your opinion is "Dont use disavow backlinks tool" unless you don't get any manual penalty (yet) even if you find few bad backlinks to your website ? Correct me if i'm wrong ? But there is risk that this backlinks ( <100 or >100 ) can damage your profile (or even website can get penalty) if you don't submit it ? What do you think about this ? Does it worth ?

Jan Viktor Adora says:

Very Helpful Josh !

Joshua Buchynski says:

Dude we almost have the exact same name you even pronounce it the same lol

Steve “GKay” Jones says:

Appreciate the vid. Lots of info for a newcomer

You never know. says:

Thank you for sharing your knowledge + good humor lol.

Christopher Rismay says:

This may be a stupid question but you keep saying contact you for help. Is it free?

Steve Robertson says:

Have you ever tried listening to yourself on half speed? Its the best drunk voice ever.

Good stuff man.

David D. says:

Josh you're the best for sure. Have a question ! in Sept 2016 we get manual penalty for spammy schema markup (submit reconsideration request-approved). After that our traffic dropped. Few weeks ago i found that there are a lot of spammy backlinks to our website (linkresearchtools_com's report) and all this websites was banned by google (0 indexed pages). Yesterday i submitted Disavow backlinks file with 800 domains in it. My Question is What is the best option in my case ? Remove that file or don't do anything ?- ;)

Bret Moleta says:

Josh consistently puts out top notch material and backs it up with references. Without a doubt the MOST knowledgeable SEO on Youtube. In fact calling him a SEO maybe an insult…He is a SEO Gangsta..lol Great Job and thank you for all your hard work

Stefan B. says:

is this a repost?

going2sleep says:

Inc magazine wrote 8 months ago that business should invest in link building strategy.

going2sleep says:

Links tertiary even when Google says it is secondary after content.

Daniels Mezzadri says:

Thank you

Jennifer L Metro says:

Thank you Josh. Love your stuff! Miss the dinosaurs. I am definitely considering swearing more on my site. I love those snarky millennials, I think they respond well to swearing. (Not to be all fuddy duddy but the unbuttoned shirt in the beginning kinda creeped me out. Just sayin'. Maybe its just me.)

Steven B. says:

Your humor is growing on me…or against me…

Mike Wild says:

Hey Josh you're the best. #1 of my top 4 SEO Informers anywhere. As for the where the Street is, Google says,
"Bucharest Romania".

Steven B. says:


VideoBase says:

righty so I just finished the video and it's excellent. Also with a 30% discount I'm ready for my audit. check your inbox Josh I'll be in touch shortly!

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