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The #1 Business skill you need: Tips on Copywriting

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There are so many skills that you can bring to the table but copywriting is one of the top business skills you should have.

You don’t even have to overcomplicate this skill. You just have to pay attention. One tip I can give you is to take a look at forums based on your product or idea. You will be able to see what people’s needs are if you just do a little bit of reading. You can then take exactly what they are complaining about and have your product or service cater to those needs.

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Camille DeBose says:

What amazing advice! I have three degrees and you just taught me a ton in 6 minutes! Ha!! This was great. Thanks so much. As an academic, this is a very different kind of writing/communicating for me so… this was great. As I said. You just taught me a ton.

Mariuxi Barcco says:

Samesies, great video. I'd like to take footage and do social media for different boutique training studios. Without it affecting the work out studio I instruct in. I just thought of this idea while I was watching your video. Is that a thing? I'm a work out enthusiast, and just like me there's pretty of women out there that hop into different boutique gyms. How would I go about approaching these businesses?

Nicholas Pinn says:

Great video and awesome advice! Keep making these type of videos.

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