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Stephanie Simon – Copywriting Hacks – Nomad Summit 2016

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See Stephanie’s Full Bio here: http://www.nomadsummit.com/speaker/st…

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The 2016 Nomad Summit was founded by Johnny FD (http://www.JohnnyFD.com) and co-hosted by Cody McKibben (http://www.thrillingheroics.com)


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Paul Graneck says:

Thanks J Lo!

Daniel Archer says:

I love how she genuinely says something funny and then it cuts to an older audience totally unamused lol

Robert Nguyen says:

Good stuff. Audio is way better than the 2015 nomad summit

Johnny FD says:

Hey everyone, really hope you enjoyed this talk! Make sure you subscribe to the channel as we'll be uploading a new full length talk every other day or so as they're released! Thanks to everyone who came out to the 2016 Nomad Summit. It was a great event!

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