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SEO Tutorial For Beginners 2016 | What Is SEO and How Does It Work?

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Learn all about SEO and what seo is. This is a good SEO tutorial for beginners that really helps you get a better understanding of what SEO is and where to you hire a company for your website. Learn what SEO is and how can seo work for your website. Theres tons of SEO tutorials but really learn it from someone in the business! Learn how SEO works.Start your rank your website on the search engines such as google yahoo or bing

There are lots of different ways to go about SEO, but i think that its important to protect yourself from companies who want to take advantage of you. Trust me, just watch this tutorial, learn it for yourself and do your own SEO. I really dont recommend to hire any American companies because i used to work for one and we always outsourced our SEO to india anyways!

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Darrel Wilson says:

Thanks for watching! Let me know if you have any questions about SEO or prices or the process!

Miguel Lago says:

awfull tutorial it is not a tutorial, you're a liar, and we need to protect ourselfs from you!!!

Murad Ali says:

Change the title or keep the title and change the entire video and stay true to the title.

GooordoX says:

thx for the waste of time. 'learn how to do SEO, hire my sponsors'

IisPotatoe says:

This wasn't really a tutorial, more like a promotion of the course you talked about on udemy. You barely even talked about seo, you mostly just stated your opinions and thoughts on sourcing and that's it :/ I would change the title of the video tbh @-@

15,666,705 Views says:

Change you're title dude. You're video is irrelevant to the topic.

benedetta giungi says:

you are just promoting udemy, why did I waste my time watching your video ?

FunShun Mangla says:

For more updates about SEO and visit http://topinterviewquestionsanswers.com/seo/

Rhozalyn Gordon says:

thx so much, this is exactly what I need to promote my small business at a price I can afford – FREE

Pauline Irving says:

A bit of a sales pitch!

ivitta loca says:

The title should be.
Udemy SEO

ubaid786wahid says:

this video tought nothing , but just promoting others sites .

anish sharma says:

Kb Shikha rahe ho SEO sir g?

Stephen Jones says:

A marketer telling people about garbage websites on the front page and they only want your money because they are good SEOs, to having a self-proclaimed-SEO telling us the most important thing you can do is buy his videos. Hmm.

Frederick Duff says:

Thank you ! great information. By the way as a update, the class is now only $10.00

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