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SEO Tips for Google in 2015

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What do you have to do to get high rankings on Google? Well we have some Google seo tips on how to rank on Google. Alot of things have change with Google SEO and sites that use to rank, no longer do because of poor backlinks or incorrect anchor text which you can now get penalised for.

Here we attempt to show you how to get better rankings with all the Panda changes etc.. and try to keep ahead of the game. No mean feat as its well know that the playing field changes on a weekly basis, if not daily basis.

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Hope you enjoy the explanations in the video and it may well help your website to rank better and give you a useful look at what is needed to try and climb up the google ranking ladder.

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Steve Nuttall says:

Thanks Margaret McNeal I have loads more to explain in some new videos.
Youtube seo is another subject I know quite a bit about and how to rank

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Dallas SEO Agency says:

Glad I found your channel. This video has some great points that we need to
keep in mind, like your comments about social signals. That is still a
widely held belief. Thanks for the clarification.

Aff Pinions says:

I think diversity and strength are the two key things that must be focused
on. 10 links from 10different sites which are all well established is far
better then 100 links from 2 sites which are fairly new.

N C LeGrand says:

A great article to read!

Lovely Kumar says:

Great SEO tips for Google in 2015. These tips are very helpful to get
guaranteed SEO rankings & traffic. You done a very good job. Keep Posting
my friend.

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Hernantolio says:

Thanks ! Clear and usefull 

Margaret McNeal says:

Great work Steve. I always learn a lot from your videos. Keep up the good
work in 2015!!

Seo 2015 says:

Content is the KING 😉 seo 2015

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SEO Tips for Google in 2015
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Very useful video, it helped me to boost my site ranking
Shared it across

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