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SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

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Maile Ohye from Google advises your startup as if she had only 10 minutes as your SEO consultant.


Vicente R says:

Hi, can anyone share the page where I can see more about page speed? on
minute 7:30 , at the bottom of the slide is says more info on performance
ans SEO http://goo. and that is all I can see. The transcript covers the
rest of the text. Does anyone have this link? Thank you

Pritish Soundararajan says:

*Search Engine Optimization for a Startups*

*Are you an SEO Manager or consultant? Are you a startup and want to invest
in SEO to develop your business or increase your website ranking? This is a
video to show how and what you should do your SEO.*

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a process that every website owner or
startup or business needs to have effective traffic. Optimization is done
so that the website responds better to the search engines. Internal and
external changes to the website has to be made continually in order to
increase the traffic.

Search engines crawl the web and are generally referred to as automated
programs that are known as spiders or bots. When a user searches
information on a search engine like Google or Yahoo, the information
relevant to the website with the help of keywords or phrases, the results
show up. Ranking is yet another important process for search engines. These
indexed pages or websites are ranked based on the information searched by
the user. Each website competes with one and other to rank higher and
appear on the first page of the search engines. Hence, SEO comes into play
and helps a website rank higher and appear on the first page of the search

Content also plays a significant role in increasing a website’s rank. Some
businesses load huge quantity of content or keywords on a site. However,
quality of content is more important and the right way of structuring the
same should be considered.

Social Media marketing also helps the SEO process and improve a website’s


#seotips #seoprocess #seomarketingtips #seoforstartups 

MrTeamTactical says:

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Philippines Outsourcing Companies says:

Wonderful and educational tips. These will surely help those people who
wants to learn SEO basics. Keep it up!

Damaged Reputation says:

Thank you for sharing these helpful tips. We surely did learn a lot.

Shalin Jain says:

SEO for Startups in Under 10 Minutes

Dan Neal says:

Some really good tips for SEO

Luke Taylor says:

Information for technology businesses, no use to a building company like
mine. Doesn’t address the real issue of how google interpts webpage
information so I don’t know how to construct a site optimised for it.

liney cristine says:

This new technology will create a perfect unfair SEO imbued siloed site
that exploits Google’s latest ranking loopholes…
The most complete SEO site creation tool ever produced

Vasile Bogdan says:

this is a great informational video, even it’s a little bit old – still
point out some importannt things in SEO optimization!

Philippines Web Outsourcing says:

Indeed! Search engine optimization helps your website easily be found in
higher search engine rankings.

DigitalMosaics says:

Very good video for startups!
Even though it was created in 2012, the main points are still very
SEO for startups in under 10 minutes

בנימין ברשישת says:


Philippine Outsourcer says:

SEO Tips

Search engine optimization tips have been created by SEO experts as a means
to ensure your website or blog receives a steady dose of that all-important
web traffic.

Frank Rodríguez says:

Keep coming back & still informative…

Son Nom says:

thanks for this, but is there a tool for researchers rather than site
owners? i just want to know the most commonly used words on a news

Paul Friedline says:

Trying to work an affiliate store on a WordPress theme, Can anybody
recommend any SEO tips for that format?

Paul Baron says:

Ok, so I am a consultant and this is reallllly good info; however, none–
NONE– of my clients know what the hell a 301 redirect is. I do, because
that is the world I live in, they don’t because the world they live in
financial planning, tree trimming, plumbing, etc… you get the drift. I
wouldn’t show this to a client because it’s about 10,000 feet over their
heads. Again, great info, but not in normal person speak.

Sunganani Manjolo says:

Very, very helpful. Thanks

Andrew Schutter says:

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check out my offer.


Kent Chow says:

I share good SEO tips that I find online.

Positive Results Marketing says:

See what you can learn about SEO startups in under 10 minutes: SEO for
startups in under 10 minutes

Patrick LaJuett says:

Just caught this video. Great summary of *SEO tips for small business
owners*. It reinforced a lot of what I already practice. But also
reminded me about some things I need to refocus on. h/t +Maile Ohye

#seotips #startuptips 

Patrick Coombe says:

Actually some great advice straight from the horses mouth about SEO, never
saw this one.

Cool Tony says:

Great video. Thank you

Sohel Hossain says:

Great video for SEO. I will give You 100 High PR Powerful Social Media Back

Ozment Media says:

good basic information on search engine optimization 

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