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SEO for Dummies 2016 – How to Rank FAST in Google and Make a Ton of Money

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SEO & how can you use it to get your sites to rank TOP in Google. I’ll explain it all to you in PLAIN ENGLISH so you can do it by yourself.
Simple search engine optimization tips and techniques you can use to get your site ranked in the top spots of Google. Top Ranking-Means Top dollars for your business. This is what SEO for dummies is all about.

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Channels I recommend are :
Click here to See “This Old House YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/thisoldhouse

Wranglerstar: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIjEnXruVHtvgSVf6TgfUg

Elliot Hulse

Tai Lopez has some great info here :


NZDIRT says:

That face is hilarious ?

Alex McColl says:

Great content, Thanks!
I'm going to get my site up and send you a link.

Apliiq says:

Some seriously great stuff here!!

Fresh Cuts Lawn & Maintenance says:

Awesome, got to work on my google reviews!

Kory Dunn says:

awesome vidoe, I love your entire chanel. You have inspired me to start a side hustle mowing lawns. Have you heard of anything like window washing resource.com and pressure washing resource.com but for lawn maintenance?

Kenny Truong says:

Thanks Stanley! You got a new subscriber!

I was wondering if there is not space on our website design where we can put in keywords (most of my site is complete), would a blog on my site work? I am having someone write blog articles daily so would that help in ranking?

Granger Lawn Care & Snow Removal, LLC says:

Jay did a great job on my website.

Premier landscaping says:

"It's Googles grandchild" lol! awesome video!!

Grass Snake says:

Great stuff as always Stan. I made through my first year of business with your help. Your videos are pure gold in my book. The knowledge I gained with your vids gave me the confidence to make the leap to work for myself. Thanks

Get over that Wall says:

I have 12 Google accounts.

Mike Smith says:

most of my customers are computer illeterate , they don't even have email addresses , some don't use cell phones..lol

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