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Peter Thomson – Create info products that sell

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Carol Dodsley interviews top product creation expert Peter Thomson, who shares quick, simple and effective ways you can start creating & profiting from your info products today! Peter is a Product creation Specialist and top business and self development strategist, helping entrepreneurs be more productive, make more money and have more time to play ….


Godfrey Silas says:

A foray into the rarefied realms of simple brilliance. An example of the buoyancy that experience entrains. So why can't most people entrain with this mode of practical success? Because they lack the requisite resolve that begins with self-belief. As a producer, when I ask women with great voices why they are not in media, they laugh at me. When I suggest that teachers create a product, they tell me nobody would buy it. People are weak at any real conviction that pertains to them.

Godfrey Silas

LittleRVrentals.com says:

What a great video! People who "teach" get paid But people who teach "how" get wealthy! So true! Thanks so much for sharing!

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