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Starring: Second City Alumni Frank Caeti, Ithamar Enriquez & Maribeth Monroe
Director: Joshua Funk
Producer: Mark Kienlen
Written by: Jenny Hagel, Ithamar Enriquez/Frank Caeti/Jenny Hagel

Crew: Mike Damanskis http://www.mikedamanskis.com Meghan O’Brien
Asst. Editor: Jeph Porter
©2011 The Second City Inc./Frank Caeti & Ithamar Enriquez

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Many of today’s biggest names got their start at The Second City main stages -including Tina Fey of 30 Rock, Stephen Colbert of the Colbert Report, and Steve Carell of The Office.

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collegerebel says:

She is that perfect balance between funny and sexy.

Kevin Carter says:

If actual commercials were like this I wouldn’t flip channels so quickly.

sweetcharade518 says:

This is really funny!

Ryan Assiu says:

“Dressed like chewbacca.
thrllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll…thrrrl.thrr.” lmao!

coolsteven2 says:

Um irony.. you just wasted 5minutes of MY time.

Shelby Parker says:

THIS IS AMAZING!! I was laughing the entire time!! 😀

I'm TheGeloMonster says:

You’re at baseboll game. And you’re dress like Chewbacca Aaaarrrg!!! LOL!!!

shadow123123123 says:

You want to be your own puppet, so you stick your hand in the hole!!!

Jillian C says:

woah, she was in the backup plan.

Ryan Doescher says:


Robert Finch says:

that was so great

jackoneal1 says:

Maribeth Monroe is so beautiful. I would marry her in a heartbeat.

FruityBerrie says:

She’s one of the wives from Big Bad Love!!!


i want to get on maribeth monroe

shakaama says:

you wasted 5 minutes of my time, including the advertisement before
watching these shenanigans.

Sei1863 says:

AHAHAHA I started this thinking ugh… five minutes… soooo long…. not
going to watch all of it. Five minutes later, still laughing hysterically.
By the way, the ending is uncanny genius, use her more!!

LeGenerall says:

Hahahaha. I love Maribeth.. Aka Alice:)

no go says:

Nice jab at Glenn Beck

djtron1x says:

The ending was offensive to pirates.

mcaso123 says:

Workaholics alice x3

Squirdly-wyrd says:

It’s thanksgiving day. And you’re anorexic! BLAUGGGH!!!

Erin L says:

XD I’d love to see this on tv!!

DaftBrian says:

I’m starting to see her in real commericals.


This is fucking awesome.

Santiago Landeros says:

man shes hot!

AAmmyy22 says:

I’m so confused but this was hysterical!

Brandon Emir says:

is it weird that i have a crush on maribeth?

The Heartbreak Time Machine says:

Liked the premise, but could’ve picked up the pace of the editing a bit,

78Revolutions says:

I can watch her all. day. long.

cluedoking123 says:

Polly want’s an omelet!

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