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Niche Marketing – Online Candle Business

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Learn the 3 basic components when marketing your candle business online.
1. Keyword Search Tool
2. Build Content
3. Publish Content

I didn’t talk about it in too much detail, but Slideshare.net is another platform you can use to publish your content. More ways and ideas of publishing, means more ways of exposing your business to potential customers.

If you need a CRM or curious about changing yours, check out the

CRM tool I use:
It’s for free AND you can integrate it with gmail.

If you would like to work with me and get more information on how I can help you with YOUR marketing, email me at TeamSupport@DeclareYourWealth.info

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Josh Robinson says:


Nichole Peters says:

Great information. Thank you for sharing.

Freedom Speaks says:

I don't understand about the key word search, can you please explain

NaTasha R. Host At The Real Feel Good Show says:

Aww you're so welcome Nardia!

Chuck Gee says:

These are the information most people trying to get us pay for. Thanks Natasha, you are a blessing to me today

Ariel Henderson says:

Thank you for your help

Green Pillows says:

i noticed you only have 131 views on this particular video, i admit at first i was critical because of that, but after listening to the video and really thinking about what you said you REALLY reallyyyy helped me! i havent started my business yet, it will probably take another 4 months to write the business plan, make sure the rest of my candle recipes are good, and save for $300 insurance for the company. i ''thought'' i had almost all the good ideas for marketing and your video came along, again ty so much!

NaTasha R. Host At The Real Feel Good Show says:

Thank you SO much for the comment! For more tips and marketing motivation ? check me out at http://www.facebook.com/natasha.r.rector

Tushae88 says:

Great information! A lot of people who want to start and market their business are clueless about how to get started such as myself and a lot of it is MARKETING. Thx for the upload.

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