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Niche Marketing: Niche Market Research

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The key to niche market research is finding the needs of your target market. Watch over my shoulder as I dive into market research for a niche. Need more ideas? Download a free report on hot niche trends on http://NicheTrends.net


SOGrwing says:

Thanks, Tons of great ideas!!! you got me a brainstorm roll! THANKS

scorpionscorpionn says:

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steve race says:

Great vid, very informative just what i needed….Thanks

jackson7201 says:

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flosslounge says:

Five star all the way

RCSuperPowers says:

Great ideas man, thanks alot!

DolceVita says:

My UK niche probably consists of about650,000 people. Out of that number
there are maybe 20 percent that would use my product (so that is a further
niche). Within that 20% market, there are at least 13 known competitors
operating at a fairly low level (i.e. they dont seem to be
makreting-savvy.) My question is – in such a small niche with 13 other
competitors, do I stand a chance of making decent money? PS – the products
i will be making are toiletries, each product costs about £7-10

AttractiveMarketer says:

Great video. This is exactly what I needed. Thanks!

Spook SEO says:

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annieslater says:

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abendegolove says:

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can utilize in your business without a lot of hype or without trying to
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Joy Sarkar says:

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deerow says:

Very clever. Great clip. Thanks!

Kalpana Ganesan says:

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clintonskakun says:

This video is gold. I think the #1 reason why businesses fail is because of
no sales. People jump into a business that was hot 20 years ago and think
they’ll just get rich. Doing the goddamn research is so vital and gives you
more of a reason to go out on a limb, once you’ve eliminated the risk of
there not being a need to prospects with money.

Ayesha Thandeniya says:

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Vince Ferraro says:

Enjoyed this video. Thanks for sharing

JohnJ512 says:

Niche-Forum? What u means! It’s Need or Niche-Forum. Pls advise.

LawrenceRebeiro says:

I totally agree that finding a niche market with a horde of hungry
customers willing to open up their wallets to get what they want is the
cornerstone on which a successful internet business is built.

ruphynres says:

really educative!

Pamela Pugh says:

All Market Research call centers have all gone out of business because of
NAAFTA and laws that have been passed eliminating all the call center jobs
and too high minimum wage in Oregon. The only 2 firms said NO to me for no
reason because I was in a bad accident and use a walker and this is NOT MY
FALT. The economic crisis here is really really bad and no one cares here
including the employment office. There is no niche for finding a job here
in Portland and things are REALLY BAD for sure.

mamabear0106 says:

Very informative – you offer great tips that I will try. Thanks.

taz tom says:

nice one. I like it.

flamingo says:

It’s “niche” [nisch]

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