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“Newbie advice for copywriting” (Where do I start)?? by @NevMed of KopywritingKourse.com

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“Newbie advice for copywriting” (Where do I start)??
►More Neville here: http://www.KopywritingKourse.com/hey

Ever wondered where to start learning about copywriting (or even business in general)?

This video goes over the advice I give to EVERY newbie. This advice really works.

STEP 1.) Go to the Gary Halbert Letters archives, and print out “The Boron Letters” chapters 1 – 25

STEP 2.) Buy Joseph Sugarman’s book called “Advertising Secrets of the Written Word” from Amazon:

Those two steps will lead you down the right path. Don’t get muddled up with other stuff just yet….first complete those two tasks and you’ll be on your way!

For beginners to get started:

Original post:

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Nickie McNichols says:

Thanks! I’m going to do this!

Benoit Verret says:

I highly recommend a laser printer. That’s 122 pages in total.

Jason C. Waite says:

GREAT advice.

Michael Santonato says:

Dude! Sick! Thanks!

MrBrindleStyle says:

I really like the editing of vids… 

Dinuki Suraweera says:

Hi, would you recommend this same strategy if I’m looking to work for an
advertising agency as a copywriter?

Kopywriting Kourse says:

HAHAHA…..I know it’s weird to stare at myself staring back at me 🙂

Kopywriting Kourse says:

Try searching ebay or amazon again. You’ll occasionally find copies.

Gavin Engel says:

Thanks sir. One small unrelated comment: the recorded sound quality here is
not that great.

Kopywriting Kourse says:

Thanks maing!

Kopywriting Kourse says:

Glad you liked Mark! And kudos to you for taking the advice. I’d give you a
FAR better chance at being successful in writing copy than someone who
doesn’t do this.

Erica King says:

Thanks Neville! Your Kopywriting Instructions (and Sumo Business Blueprint,
Course About Building A Course, and emails) helped me create some great
kopy. I validated a business idea (thanks for the kit) and used meetup.com
to test it even further. Thank goodness I hear YOUR caveman voice when I
write! I made $60 and have 47 people (and counting:) in my group! Printing
off the Boron Letters now (I was one of those who read a few online and
stopped). Can’t wait to see what happens next!

agasarang says:

Thanks for the tips Neville. Much appreciated and hope you do more videos.

Kopywriting Kourse says:

Thanks Erica, glad ya likey 🙂 The Boron Letters will propel you even

Kopywriting Kourse says:

GOOD! Spend $20 to get a new cartridge…..it’s WELL WORTH the price price
of what you’ll learn!

Leo Tabibzadegan says:

NEV IS A BOSS! (thanks dude!)

Rene Ymzon says:

It looks like I can save a lot of paper by just printing the original
letters and leaving out the blue addendums at the end of each letter. Your

Kopywriting Kourse says:

YOU a boss!

Werner van Rooyen says:

Yo Nev, the link you shared doesn’t have the Kindle version of Sugarman’s
book ($60+ hardcover was the cheapest). Found it by searching for the title
in the Kindle store. You might want to link to it in the description…

GPDomination says:

Great stuff as always Neville! Thanks for sharing. I’ve read the Boron
Letters but never printed them. I LOL’d when you said, “he’s also DEAD!”
and put a big red X over his face. Talk about a ‘pattern interrupt’! Keep
up the great work…

Rebeca Garza Buerón says:

can´t find the book on amazon…

Tom N says:

I thought this might be helpful. All the letters in PDF format in one link,
and they are print ready, unlike on the website. masterkeymarketingwarriors
. com/products/copywriting/halbert/boron_ltrs . zip

christine spatazza says:

I learned it by watching YOU! Thanks.

Kopywriting Kourse says:

1.) Thank you 2.) Yea, that filming studio had some mad echo going on. :-/

David Wilkinson says:

Just finished Gary Halbert Letters and Sugarman’s book. Really really good
stuff. Printed off the halbert letters and halfway through it the second
time. I’m gonna read the Sugarman book again. Those are really really good
books!!! Thanks so much that is the best free advice ever!!! Neville, what
do you think of video sales letters?

warriornineteen says:

Neville, great video. I read both books twice. (Printed off the Boron
letters too). So once we have done this, should we just start trying to
sell something and see how we do? (ie practice)? Or should we do/read
something else?

Kopywriting Kourse says:

I agree. His son Bond wrote those addendums. ….however you get some
nuggets out of them from time to time. Waste the extra 20 sheets of paper 🙂

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