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Master Today’s #1 Business Skill: Copywriting (Session 3 of 5)

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The Ultimate Copywriting Workshop
Session #3 – Creating Irresistible Offers

• Here’s a Shocker: Focus on selling your product or service and you’ll fail every time. Anik shares how to maximize sales by focusing on your offer.
• Learn how to exponentially increase the VALUE of your offer. Charge 2-3X MORE… they’ll still buy.
• A breakdown of the 7 Key Points you MUST include in your offer. Include a Few = Good. Include them ALL = Sales Gold!
• What should you write about more: Your Product or Your Bonuses? The answer may surprise you and will maximize your growth!
• Start using the proven “Thump Effect” to turn more fence-sitters into buyers.
• And so much more!

Brought to you by Lurn, Inc. with Anik Singal


cxa011500 says:

Excellent tips on turning a product into an offer and breaking down the value into its elements and not just listing the modules.

Donna Patterson says:

Simply awesome. Thanks a MILLION.

Wealth Magnet Guru says:

Thanks for all this incredibly valuable content. These videos should have 100,000 views at least. Crazy.

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