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Master Today’s #1 Business Skill: Copywriting (Session 2 of 5)

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The Ultimate Copywriting Workshop
Session #2 – Key Copywriting Elements That Command Sales

• Choose your path: Do-It-Yourself Copywriter, Copywriting Consultant, or BOTH – Anik will show you how to make money whichever you choose!
• Learn the critical difference between Copywriting and Content Writing — Applying this 1 strategy to your copy will skyrocket your sales.
• Discover the magic of KEEPING their attention (and desire) simply by tweaking how your copy LOOKS.
• FACT: 80-90% of people will NOT read all of your copy. Learn the Segmentation Secret that practically “forces” them to read more (and BUY more)!
• Most copywriting experts know to use The Story Method. Yet, they all do it WRONG! Anik shows you the art of storytelling that sells.
• Plus, he teaches you his trusted 10-Second Rule of Copywriting. This 1 rule has made him a millionaire today.

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cxa011500 says:

Great stuff! Definitely going to use those tips of using numbers and specifics and creating loops.

Chris Macdonald says:

I love this guy. I still remember purchasing his How to get A's in college course years ago.

Daryl Clark says:

Yes@Lurn.com – Rock On! Thank you Anik.

Andrea Carroll says:

Yes@lurn ,com – Value

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