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Marketing Strategy – Niche and Mass Marketing

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Marketing Strategy – Niche and Mass Marketing


Frank Boss Jr says:

Fantastic way to give detailed info!

nikos flagkakis says:

Malcolm McDonald…..the best ever…”How to do it”

RollersPostulate says:

Your a niche in this realyty.


On another note said your gonna be my second in command

taunkdkt says:

NICE video. thanks

Alex Donnelly says:


nomeconocen says:

You have to wonder why they showed that tatty broken down Latin American
billboard for the Coca Cola example. 0:19

Blacksnow19 says:

Thanks so much these vids are really helping, exam is just under a week
away so thanks 😀

bizopclothing says:

It all comes down to the marketing strategy.

Steven Duval says:

Enjoyed the video, look forward to viewing more

jmanzie65 says:

Good stuf, short and to the point. Thanks.

Gattopardo999 says:

@nomeconocen Guess because everyone finally realized that CC is poison. And
nevertheless i can see some people once in a while drink it. LOL Just

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