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Kim Ji Won and Park Seo Joon to get married after upcoming drama ‘Fight My Way’ ends ?

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quiarra jimenez says:

is this for real? is it just for publicity?

pia barcimo says:

is this true?

Amalidya mk says:

i think they face are similar (?)

Joyii Virus says:

They bet like that because they know that is kind of impossible to reach 30%.Lol but who knows right ~~

Gusti Sari says:

good couple….

Kyra Arnet says:

it's pathetic how things are said just to promote the drama.. get a life!

Alexa Last says:

Why are you people take it seriously it's just a joke!

ariel pineda says:

don't play my heart like that bro ?

khasanah bella says:

hadech this is fake rumors park seo joon just 28/29 years old only
dan't believe if they want getting merried so young

iamlen angeles says:

The title made my heart drop… ?????

MyCaptain Moroni says:

Noooooooo…… ??????????????

Dlshr. annabell16 says:

Wait what!??

Annonymous Unknown says:

People should stop clickbaits

Celina Carreon says:

psj will not marriage just a publicity his dream not yet come true

Happy Lee says:

Even they don't do this promises I think the drama will be a success. I think they will get married not in real life but in a promotional way…they were not specific if they will really get married in real life but if love bloomed between them then that is possible hhehehehe. I like them their a good couple

Angelique Adriano says:

Noooo! No wedding! No wedding!

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