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Info-Product Creation Starter Series: How To Get Paid Online – Setting Up Your PayPal Account

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Learn how to set up your Paypal account so you can get paid online.


Want to create an information product selling your expertise online. This free tutorial will get you started quickly.

Creating high-quality information products is not as hard as you think and with a few quick tips you can get your first ebook, video course, audio course, or paid webinar to market within a few hours. So let’s get started!

For more information on how to create killer info-products that sell visit:

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In this course we are going to quickly cover how to create and sell information products in any niche market you choose. Creating Information products and selling info-products online is one of the best ways to make money on the internet from home.

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Why are are information products so easy (and profitable) to sell?

They are easy to create, inexpensive to create and very fast to create! The profit margin is extremely high. And if you know what you’re doing, you can continue to create multiple information products which will continue to bring you big buck in your business that you can scale UP and expand as you grow.

Sell Information
Sell Information Online
Sell Information Products
Sell Your Information
Selling Ebooks
Selling How To Information
Selling Info Products
Selling Information
Selling Information On The Internet
Selling Information Online

Want to know what holds most folks back from starting to create (and sell) their own information products?

So you want to create your own information products! Good for you! You’ve brainstormed your ideas, maybe even started a mindmap and you’ve outlined what you want your information product to be.

Now… you’re ready to take your first step toward creating and packaging your information product so you can bring it to market and make some money!

You’re on a roll…

But then you realize, “OMG! How do I create a screencast? How do I upload this video? How do I deliver them to the customer? Where do I sell them? What about affiliates? Should I make CD’s? What about an eBook? How do you do this? What about that? Talk about anxiety and overwhelm!”


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