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[HVTV-Training Session] HELLOVENUS Seo Young 헬로비너스 서영 Wiggle Wiggle Dance

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헬로비너스(HELLOVENUS) 서영(Seo Young) 위글위글 댄스 (Wiggle Wiggle Dance)

▶ HELLOVENUS Homepage : http://www.HELLOVENUS.co.kr
▶ HELLOVENUS Fancafe : http://cafe.daum.net/HELLOVENUS
▶ HELLOVENUS Facebook : http://facebook.com/chHELLOVENUS
▶ HELLOVENUS Twitter : http://twitter.com/chHELLOVENUS


Matt B says:

It’s a shame that a large percentage of music and dance videos basically
being softcore porn, such as this video. I prefer elegance, beauty and
“cuteness” in my MVs. I guess that doesn’t appeal to as many people

TheBabyv004 says:

To me this is not twerk, so that is why don’t seems to be a problem to me
(I don´t like of twerk. It’s really an trashy “dance”. Sorry for who like).
The problem here is not the dance itself, but the camera angles, especially
with shorts that they use (normally the big problem of sexy concept it’s
the camera angles with few clothes). These zooms and the focuses in only an
part of their body makes it look like a very vulgar and trashy dance.
Sorry, but this smells to me like a despair to stop of being a flop

When will companies realize that sexy concept don’t will resulted anymore
as had resulted with the first groups who did it before that this concept
become viral? Of course, they will have a bit of attention (or not since
most people have realized that it is better to ignore. Just remember of 4L.
That group floped so badly in South korea XD), but will only bring the
perverts and not those who want to know about the music and of their
talent. Well, it’s not like companies cared much about the girls because
they only want the money.

Now, it’s all going in same way, and it’s start to be really boring. That’s
why I lately have found that the kpop is becoming very boring. K-pop is not
longer even the same glow that had previously. All groups are coming with
all the same type of concept (either girlsbands, either boysbands) and no
one brings something new. Please use your head and think of new ways to
draw attention without trying to imitate what others did. This is my advice
to all companies that are using sexy conception or hip-hop/bad boy concept
to become more successful

chrischendes says:

Wow you guys are so demanding and sensitive, all she was doing was dancing.
If you dont wanna watch it, go back to watching your male idols strip and
watch your explicit fanfics

SgRedDevil says:

I came here for ASSSSS!!! I got what i wanted!!! I’m leaving happily :D

Emmanuel RIO says:

About 18 months to wait for your comeback, to see that !!! What a shame. I
don’t like this Hellovenus.

Annie Hollister says:

She’s the one dancing why are you guys looking at her booty then like fr
I’m looking at the mirror the whole time sometimes cute dosent work like
snsd they went from cute to mr mr, the boys, I got a boy sometimes ppl get
tired of the concept and there’s nothing wrong with her dancing like that
you’ll see girls grinding on boys in the club with there short tight
dresses almost showing their underwear smh in America I love it but the
part I hate about it is that people judge and people hate they also don’t
think of somebody’s feelings before they post and idols see this and
sometimes they talk about it on tv shows and they’re hurt plus you guys say
she’s a slut how do you know are you her friend since highschool no you
don’t even know her so don’t judge her by what she does or looks like

astutebunny says:

can we have a moment of appreciation how seoyoung’s the only one out of the
four who is NOT wearing padded underwear?

(not going to join in the concept fiasco in the comments, but on the other
video i felt cheated because 3 out of 4 are wearing padded underwear fml)

Toshiro Le says:

ass cams?

Catherine Kang says:

Cute butt. 

María José says:

No, thanks. It looks like she’s trying too hard… I mean, the camera angle
is so obvious. For me, she just wanted to show her ass .__. No, no, no, no.
This is not a “training session”, it’s a simple “look at my ass” session.

Rattmaster86 says:


I’ve been watching all their performances, and have always kept my eye her
SeoYoung’s booty. It always seemed juicier compared to the other
members…lol. Now I finally get a real proper look at it. Damn! she is
packing some heat back there! She looks great and moves great.

Flavio Mariano says:

Bem:-) loco

Amer Reggie says:

Hello Venus :)) Hello Hello Hello HELLLLOOOO :)))) Time to wait for another
comeback ;). Goodbye sexy and innocent concepts :D

John Mattw says:

thanks for another video! korean beauty is truly amazing, i just wish our
american women would be as sexy as these korean ladies. 

Nameless says:

Woooow…!!! more please…!!! i love Fantagio again :D

willrelio2609 says:

Actually, i didn’t come here for the booty
i’m here only to see the comments

luckydesu says:

i guess there’s a reason behind the camera angle and the clothes she’s
wearing pff… 

beRAIme says:

BEST thing a girlgroup can do….Great Job

dashimato says:

I freaking want her body :O
It’s freaking nice~
I mainly want those shorts though <3

LMG Light-Machine-Gun says:

Great! world’s most ungliest dance now in Korea version….
Look US! you once again spread your disease….

Madoo La says:

She has a nice body..looked the best out of the four

Angel0419 says:

이거 뭐야?…..나 정말 실망예요 지금….

Ashlynn Rachal says:

Lol, everyone always king such a big deal about the possibility of Kpop
stars wearing padded underwear. If you’d stop setting such ridiculous
standards for women, they’d stop trying to live up to those standards.

cheerleaderlover says:

Just like the other five members, Seoyoung dances oh so well. And with
Seoyoung showing off her cute butt, I am not ashamed to say that I can
agree with everyone out there who thinks that Seoyoung has a very sexy and
cute butt. Seoyoung’s butt is the sexiest butt i’ve ever seen

팍주어 says:


JustinMitchell98 says:

+HELLOVENUS I like this video

BIG JO says:


Andrew An says:

sex sells

Laya Naran says:

i love her butt

tiffanyx says:

U sure this was just a “training session”? Lmao

Pully Milcup says:

Wow! Your body. Your dance. Seo young ngeee <3 <3

Meg Wolf says:


๑Mrs. Galaxy๑ says:

Nice, but I have more booty :V

Natsumi Omona says:

I don’t even know the new members. 

한상준 says:

아에 생식ㄱ를 벌ㄹ고 다녀라 / ㄱ보ㅈ야… 부모가 누신지..참.

Lucas Perroni says:

Everybody chill down! It’s just a dance practice. Even groups with cute
concept practice mature dances, the only difference here is that Fantagio
recorded to show the mature Hello Venus. I liked liked, because it shows
SeoYoung’s abilities as a dancer. Congratulations for her for being such a
hardworking girl! <3 SeoYoung and Hello Venus Fighting!

Chris Takahashi says:

I don’t want to blame the girls. It is their agency (or company whatever it
called) to be blamed. They could say being sexy – naughty, I rather say –
is the only way to get them famous so it’s not their fault. Same thing to
hookers, you PIMP.

drkphoenix097 says:

Seoyeong I love you! <3

Ninjakid01042 says:

wtf, are you LEGIT kidding me? =_= this is on their official channel?
wth… i listened to hellovenus during their debut and a few other songs,
but now the company is actually posting vids of just their butts to try and
grab attention??? she doesnt even have a butt XD

whatre they trying?? i thought they could do better… =_=

Aliff Aiman Zaharrudin says:

Im so disappointed 🙁 

KingofKpop says:

Thumbs up boys, we need more girl like here.

SyazNies eXoKaRa says:

so many haters…. lol… why watch this if you don’t like it.. she is just
dancing,.. but she got so many hate..

Chris Ibe says:


PerlesRouges says:

It’s megajam’s choreo 🙂 by the way nice body

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