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How to start a 7 figure SEO business

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I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)


Rachael Cornwell says:

Question: When you are starting out and have that insane offer of 2 weeks and I will get your site ranked. Then you call them back to negotiate payment, how do you figure out how much money they are going to give you a month for your services? Such as getting them ranked in the top 10 of Google. And before that, if they agree to do business with you. Do you ask for control of their website to help them with the keywords or do you go through a 3rd party like their web developer or do you not do either and just use back links with quality PR links for their already made website?

satnam singh says:

I request to a admin(Nigel the guru) that please put a guru image in right position….Respect all religion and god's images….thanks

Brandon LonVelin says:

That's Alex Becker you shit, he's a SEO master

TodaywithSam says:

keeping it real!

Boss Player says:

I started my own business and I do a lot person to person business relations lately my business has been slower than usual and I know I have lost value in what I do thanks for this video opened my eyes again got to start putting more value in what I do… sales basics 101… sounds bad but I been doing what I do for a year now

JuniorKhalish says:

Hi can u mentor me fully? if possible u could contact me at thekhalish38@gmail.com
I really wanna start a business and I need ur help pls
I'm just a 15yo boy I wan a Lamborghini by 20yo n I'm willing to work hard pls guide me fully and teach me how to really start a business pls

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