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How to pick your niche – Creating Your Own Digital Product/Info Product (Part 1/3)

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Part 2 Of this series found here: https://youtu.be/sMVlAZj-1Ao

Part 3 of this series is found here: https://youtu.be/1xHLPQhhXco

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Wednesday’s with Jimmy – Episode 6!


Niche research: http://clickbank.com

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Moses Rue says:

Hello jimmy This is M.Rue from West Africa
I am new to online marketing i been through so many videos on youtube for the pass month now.
i want to be an Affiliate marketer i want to build a website and even as far as having a membership site as well.
But i am facing a serious problem in choosing my niche. I do not know what niche to choose can you please help me?

Joanna Kujath says:

Thanks Jimmy great advice 😉

regis ELO says:

thankx Jimmy !! great usefull content as always for newbies …the question is to increase the tiny shoe laces budget and refuse to walk bare foot anyway . I "m still learning before to jump in the middle of the wild …lol

Daniel IMS says:

Hey Jimmy, I want to choose "financial freedom" as my niche but it is actually a combination of niches (personal development, entrepreneurship and personal finances). Would you recommend to focus only in 1 of those or go ahead with all of them? Thx!

Sean K says:

i wish there was a affordable course unless you are creating series step by step in detail 😉

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