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How and Why to Get Into Copywriting

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Ramit Sethi: http://www.iwillteachyoutoberich.com
Ashley Ambirge: https://themiddlefingerproject.org

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Mohsin Kazi says:

That was hugely helpful , thankyou.

Miss desire Independance says:

What training or books do you recommend for beginners?

tange2000 says:

how do I get started Its something iv been looking into because I need to change jobs due to an accident that left me unable to do heavy work like outside jobs etc

Kevin Pearson says:

Thanks, Jackie; this was the clearest define of a copywriter I ever heard.

Urmo Mänd says:

Super! 😀 Month ago I graduated in advertising and since then I have had thoughts of becoming a freelancer, BUT as English isn't my mother tongue, then I have doubts whether it would be better to start in a local ad agency. What is your opinion on working in an ad agency?

naqib sawmaho says:

Write every piece of sales copy you need yourself. But many people have no idea how to even start. This “DIY” approach has a lot of challenges. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JSIqKCDsoGc

timothy alex says:

Can you take me in as your apprentice to help you with your work for free? I just want the training because I have read a lot on the subject and I think I now have a lot of theoretical knowledge but no practical experience.Please help a friend out.

K H says:

nice video do you still do copywriting anymore?

kris10nicole says:

Thank you! I am sure I will have millions of questions in the future so…yeah. 

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