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Create An Information Product, Not An Ebook, For Passive Income

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If you’re thinking about creating an ebook to help create a source of passive income for yourself, watch this video first. I want to help you rethink and reframe what you’re selling as an information product instead of an ebook. People that sell information make money, not people that sell books. Kindle is not the answer.

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anglekan says:

I have never payed for an eBook. Why should I sell one? Why spend time writing one?

Randhir Ban Reddy says:

Very helpful video. Thank you for sharing. I appreciate it.

Passive Income Dude says:

Great info! Would you recommend also selling it on various pages or only on one like clickbank?

Scot Campbell says:

That was wonderful, thanks, I subscribed and liked. Information sales and being an authority rather than an author, makes sense to me as most artists and people interested in window splashes consider me an authority on the subject.

Heather Addington says:

Yes, kindle wasn't a great way to go. I'm taking my ebook and redesign it to look more appealing and sell it on my site for more.

Michael Thomas Gauvin says:

Links do not work

Rozli Yusof says:

cool watermark font-where did u get it?

Evin Rohrbaugh says:

On your idea about using kindle books at lead generation… almost always when a kindle ebook has a 1 or 2 star review, the reviewer is complaining about this very strategy. Most people seemed to get turned off if they buy a cheap ebook and it comes across as a sales pitch that redirects them somewhere to sign up for something else. What do you think about this?

Kenny Hamilton says:

This would be great for me as I have had problems writing content thank corey

TheGuardian163 says:

If someone reads and writes on different subject (philosohpy, health, fitness, money, "learning a language in 2 months" etc) how would you suggest to make a brand out of it?

I think it is difficult to make a brand if you solve 10 different problems rather than focusing on this unique one – what would you suggest?

Sean Lim says:

Incredibly helpful. Thank you for a great video.

Arnold Freeman says:

COREY this is fascinating information; I had heard both term before, but NOT in the way you do. Thank you so much for making it clear that we should think of it as Information book, rather than just an eBook. Yes, that makes a lot of sense because, on one hand, and also helps to focus on a problem (need, pain etc); on another hand it helps the reader to find the solution we offer in the book. I am looking forward to getting started soon. I will be checking your info and I have questions that I will hold till later as I do not want to get ahead, but rather follow a path that will take me there step by step. I had checked other videos, but one charge 2000K to teach how to right information ebook, but as a baby boom retired person that is out of the question. However, I will not give up; I really got excited with such a clear information you presented in this video. Thank you again and have a great day.

betondo fukutu says:

Great content. I was already down on Amazon for the lack of control issues but emphasizing information product over ebook is a piece of knowledge I can use to truly position myself as an established expert as well as charge more for the package. Thanks again.

betondo fukutu says:

Great content. I always like reading and listening to individuals that think outside the box and create their own path rather than following the herd. Liked.

Adeposi Okupe says:

Great. I'm looking to create my first information product for my blog and I'm glad I found your resource. Hoping to learn more from you

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