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Copywriting Crash Course: Learn the Basics of Writing Great Copy

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The secret is out …

If you want to make a VERY good living as a writer, you should become a copywriter. What used to be a “closed profession” is now the biggest opportunity for writers thanks to the $2.3 trillion direct-response industry.

Your first step? Learn how to write the copy companies are hungry for.

Join Rebecca Matter and Katie Yeakle – who train hundreds of copywriters every year – for this FREE webinar and get a crash course in writing copy that sells. In just one hour you’ll learn the secrets behind good copy, tips for connecting with your reader, techniques for improving every piece of copy you write, a checklist you can use to ensure your copy always hits the mark, and a whole lot more.

They’ll even close things out with some tips on how to use your new skills to find paid assignments! They’ve promised to pack a lot of information into a single hour – so make sure come ready to learn.


Katie Yeakle has spent over 30 years in the world of direct marketing and publishing in the roles of copy editor, editorial coordinator, product manager, fulfillment supervisor, marketing manager and publisher.

Recognizing the industry-wide need for talented copywriters who can deliver copy that sells, she helped establish American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI) with co-founders Paul Hollingshead and Don Mahoney in 1997.

Today, as Executive Director, Katie oversees AWAI’s 70+ programs designed to help people turn their passions into careers.

Rebecca Matter is a copywriter, Founder of Wealthy Web Writer – named one of the 101 Best Websites for Writers by Writer’s Digest, and President of AWAI.

A marketer with over a 15 years of experience in publishing and direct-marketing, Rebecca has spearheaded successful million-dollar campaigns for countless products, both online and off, and has spoken and written on topics ranging from getting and working with clients to successful marketing strategies.


Denise Robinson says:

Not finding your website. Help, please.

MYMCoatesJourney says:

My background is marketing as well. . . the demographic that buys high-end brands that cost money do so NOT ONLY because it is a sense of pride and they want to show off. These high-end brands are also QUALITY made. These brands do NOT USUALLY break TOO easily if dropped the first or 10th time on cement, or leak if it rains or gets dropped in water once. These brands LAST for years, decades, or even centuries sometimes! They stand up to the test of time and VALUE is created.

Thia Licona says:

Been all over the immense info in AWAI. I have narrowed down to copyright, web writing, blogging and marketing. Now what? Where do I start?

Johnny Jayona says:

I thank you for opening my skill in copy writing. And I want to finish your crash course.

Sandy Kelsch says:

Thanks so much for sharing this replay! I started my career as a copywriter just a year ago, and I've been writing content for clients. I've been hoping to branch out and learn, so I recently became an AWAI member and I'm working through the Accelerated Copywriting course. This replay is an incredible help already since I can apply it to my content that I'm already working on. Plus, it'll help provide insight as I continue through the course. Thanks so much!

Chris Blizzard says:

I can't take the poor recording. You should have did this show again, with decent sound.

Aundria McMillan Humphrey says:

I've always loved to write, but the very idea of writing as a copywriter has simply never occurred to me. This crash course has opened my eyes and I want to thank you both, Katie and Rebecca, for a very clear and informative presentation. Very persuasive too!

Robert Berry says:

thank you for your presentation, I am currently involved in restarting my career as a comic and you have helped me tremendously.

Firesaka5 says:

Holy COW!  …I so want to marry both of you!  🙂 ((((LOL))) Seriously though, I really appreciate your presentation. Thank you ladies, very much for, your time and energy and appreciation for others. After watching this, I know that I know I m going to enjoy the awai program very much as, a manifestation of the law of attraction. …Wow this is my next step upon the path toward perfect manifestation of my vision. I'm so blessed! :)

Toni Lawrence says:

Thank you for this tutorial. Although I have been a freelance writer for a long time I need to hone my skills to get more income. This was a great start.

Vineet Jain says:

Thanks a lot for the lesson. It was really helpful in understanding the basics.:)

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