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Conversion Copywriting: Home Page Optimization by Copy Hackers

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Wondering wassup in the new Copy Hackers course? (www.CopyHackers.com)

Or maybe you just want the skinny on thinking through “layers of benefits”?

Well, m’dear, check out this li’l sample… and then head on over to www.copyhackers.com/conversion-copywriting-course-home-page-optimization for the whole shebang!


Luiz Centenaro says:

*Make things better for people.* Great video +Joanna Wiebe 

Rajesh Khanna says:

What the hell

Joanna Wiebe says:

Agreed, Leonardo! It’s awesome to categorize benefits into types (e.g.,
social acceptance), which, as you say, really comes down to things that
‘seem’ to be outside the realm of marketing and copywriting but that are
actually critically intertwined with it: philosophy and the psychology of
human decision making.

Leonardo Borsten says:

I completely agree with the idea of layers of benefits. The quest for
effective copywriting often becomes an exercise in philosophy and psycho
analysis! 🙂 Often I find that social acceptance/success is a great
motivator. It’s almost always one of the sub layers. The benefit “impress
your team” is a good example.

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