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Break Into B2B Copywriting in 30 Minutes

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A 30-minute primer & Q&A by Andrea Emerson and Sarah Greesonbach
Click through to learn…
– How many of your peers are earning a 5- or 6-figure income as B2B copywriters
– How to get started, and where to find high-paying gigs
– How B2B writing differs from other types of writing, and why it pays more
– Best practices & lessons we’ve learned as B2B copywriters
– Q&A: Live answers to your questions

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Carsono5 says:

Yay! I also live in South Africa and really dislike office environments.

Jonnie Williams says:

Informative and genuine. Fantastic job ladies. So grateful for real guidance from true experts who know what they're doing!

Laura Cairns says:

I'm so glad I found this – thank you so much to both of you! I feel like this is the most solid, useful advice I've found since the beginning of my research in this area.

chhavi agarwal says:

This was really helpful! I am following your websites now, thanks a ton guys.

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