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8 “Stupid” Copywriting Tricks to Triple Your Conversions (Part 2)

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Chris “Moneyfingers” Haddad, one of the top copywriters in online marketing and the genius behind the Video Sales Letter course shares his secret sauce(s) for copywriting.


Nadine Wormsbacher says:

This was really awesome information. No reason not to like him. He’s very
upfront and honest about what he’s doing; he’s just tying to help explain
it to us. Effective marketing is using psychology to sell. Using psychology
can also be considered “manipulative” but no one is forcing anyone to buy
something at gun point. Kids do the same thing all the time. I’m glad to be
more aware of how I’m being targeted and how I buy into it!

John Lewis says:

Great enlightening information although I have to disagree
about selling information via videos, personally at the moment I find them
too long plus they have this habit of repeating the information over and
over to the point of boring me to death. Like everything in life people
need to apply the age old adage of “keep it simple stupid” make it too long
or boring and people will turn off refusing to even look at any further
messages from the same people that previously sent long boring messages
even if their new ones are better than previous ones, as soon as they see
who it’s from they will automatically assume the messages will be the same
and delete it without looking at it.

lmnop says:

“Ann Rand”, lol.

Good content though.

Steven Gabbard says:

The material is good but his personally is is very annoying and was too
much for me.

In life, there are people that you do not want to be around no matter how
much or how little money they earn. This is one of those cases.

Michelle Goynes says:

This is pure GOLD

Paul Keahi says:

Great copy writing video. Chris Haddad is awesome! I’m so glad I found you

CarrollsKitchen says:

Thanks for all the information!

Jo Ciriani says:

Second part just as useful. 

A Millionaire Mom says:


catscatscatification says:

unless you´re into ayn rand lololol.. chris 🙂

Ray Edwards says:

Great presentation and summary of a lot of great copywriting techniques.
Yes, and ALL of these principles are found in the Bible, and yes, I’m
religious. 😉

Debbie Clark says:

I really enjoyed this video. This will help me on my online business

Richard McConnell says:

Thanks Chris. You are the bridge between old media rules and the new media
psychology and mindsets. Great info! You bring the horse to water and you
make him drink. Nice.

ann jeffers says:

Thanks a lot for this presentation. Sincerely,

Lanell Beckles says:

(clapping) Amazing!!!

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