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10 Easy 2018 SEO Hacks You Can Use Right Now

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Today we cover 10 SEO hacks you can use for 2018.

These SEO techniques are white hat and can be used by pretty much anyone.

Here they are:

Search Console CTR optimization

Cognitive SEO Content Analyzer

Buzzsumo Content

Download Competitor Links

Download Competitor Keywords

Get Citations

Create a survey and use Adwords to advertise it (basically buying expert content)

Create GMB and drive pleper reviews

User intent cross checking through search results and SEO tools like AHREFS

Repurposed Content Via slide commentary


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Can you give free coupen code for semrush?? make a video on it plzz cuz I have been struggling to get traffic from last 6 months and didn’t even make a single dollar!! plzz understand situation and help !!


Should we use keyword tag in inner pages?

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Great video

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