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서인국(SEO IN GUK) – 봄 타나봐’BOMTANABA’ (Mellow Spring) Official Music Video

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서인국 – 봄 타나봐(BOMTANABA) 뮤직비디오 본편을 공개합니다!

서인국은 지난 2013년 연말 음원차트를 올킬한 지아와의 듀엣 곡 ‘이별 남녀’ 이후로는 6개월만이며, 솔로가수 서인국의 이름으로는 2013년 4월 발표한 ‘웃다 울다’ 이후 1년여 만에 새 디지털 싱글 ‘봄 타나봐(BOMTANABA)’ 뮤직비디오를 공개합니다.

이번 ‘봄 타나봐(BOMTANABA)’의 뮤직비디오는, 감각적인 영상과 그래픽으로 현재 가장 주목 받고 있는 아트디렉터팀 디지페디(Digipedi)가 총 디렉팅을 맡아,사랑에 대한 설레임과 두근거리는 증상을 스타일리쉬한 영상미와 기발하면서도 재치 있는 인포그래픽 기법으로 표현해 곡의 사랑스러움을 배가시켰습니다.

특히 서인국은 뮤직비디오에서 친구를 좋아하게 된 청정 순수남의 모습을 각양각색 표정연기와 제스처로 완벽게 표현해 수준 높은 로맨틱 코미디 뮤직비디오를 탄생시켰습니다.

많은 사랑과 관심 부탁드립니다.

Seo In Guk – Full version MV of Mellow Spring (BOMTANABA)

We are revealing Seo In Guk’s music video of the new digital single ‘Mellow spring’ (BOMTANABA)

Seo In Guk came back after 6 month of the duet song with Zia ‘Loved you’ which had swept the chart at the end of the year of 2013 and 1 year after his solo ‘with laughter or with tears’ released in April 2013.

This ‘Mellow spring’ (BOMTANABA) music video is directed by the art director team DIGIPEDI who created a refined image and graphic which has recently been receiving a great attention.

The MV represents the heart pounding and heart flutter of the love with stylish image and ingenious infographics technique which made the MV more sweet and lovable.

Especially, Seo In Guk expressed the pure-hearted men who loved a friend acting perfectly with a various facial expression and gesture which made the result of high quality romantic comedy music video.

Thank you for your support and please stay tuned.


OhMyBooda says:

Is that his real voice or he lip singing?

Le'Azha Parks says:

Are most Korean houses are like that??? If it is then I want to live in it

Mariana Ortiz says:


Geremina Cross says:

How can someone here say he’s ugly!!!! Yeah, he’s not as handsome as Lee
Min Ho but he’s good looking in his own way! He’s very attractive,
multi-talented, and down to earth! If someone thinks he’s ugly, then don’t
even bother listening to his songs and keep your comment to yourself! Gosh,
some people are just mental!

garcia amanda says:

Start from High School King of Savvy Drama, i’m always stalker him Seo In
Guk oppa i always Support you 🙂 

Nicole Verzosa says:

He’s more good looking than lee min ho

김아미 says:

if you guys are wondering what that 1 means,
it comes from the kakao messaging app.
when the other person doesn’t read your message, there is a ‘1’ there.
once the person has read your message, the ‘1’ disappears.

서연윤 says:



Your voice is so special Seo !!!!!! Lucky guy !!! =) Perú loves you <3

Catherine Zirolli says:

I love this song!! Its so happy sounding and he’s so adorable!!!!^^

athena joy quimbo says:

i don’t understand any word from his song but i just like his voice, it’s
much pleasing to the ears anyway. (*_*) G&G SIG!!!

Mimioo heart says:

even though the ending they were talking in korean i still get what theyre
saying XD

Asian Dramas, Movies, Music, Arts, News and More says:

I love this song!! Its so happy sounding and he’s so adorable!!!!^^

Carolina Ambriz says:

The coffee concept is killing me! I love coffee, any kind… I drink daily
2-3 cups of coffe (latte, americano, cappuccino, mocha, de olla, irish,
espresso… or just instant) I just had my 4 wisdom teeth taken out… and
I won’t be able to drink for 2 weeks now TT___TT

The video is beautiful, the song is so nice, 서인국 is beyond adorable… but
the coffee is just love, and I’m heartboken now TTwTT

Daisy May says:

when is the song going to be put on melon?

Jellyfishenter says:
Chandana P says:

he looks like k will? 

RonnieJC88 says:

This is like Leo’s song hahaha.. café~<3 I loove coffee so much
Seo In Guk's voice is so great.. And this video too *O* simple and perfect
for the song..

Nikki Thinh says:

i used to think he was just another actor but now i’m obsessed with him
haha i love his voice it doesn’t match his face haha because he always
looks so serious haha the more you look at him the more goodlooking he gets
haha i love this song it’s so great 

KDelight says:

did anyone noticed the fly that went to his shirt on 1:54

Amy So says:

What is the font used throughout the music video?

Ashleyx says:

IM ADDICTED TO THIS SONG<33 seo in guks voice is so beautifulll

Alivia Wardani Kurniawan says:

You my husband :* 😀 peace :D

TopFee ChunJin says:

I want to conversation before end who please help me ^0^

In 2:07 to 2:23 Please give me the conversation too.

And before end….

B : Hello.
G : Hey do you wanna drink coffee with me?
B : Coffee? No never mind.
G : Why are you like this….Did you busy?
B : Ummm……(Then what did him say T0T Help me….??)

Katherine Chen says:

Anyone else remember shake it up by Seo In Guk?

jennette manalili says:

i love u inguk(*^-^*)
aja,aja !!!

Grace Chang says:

서인국 잘 생겼다.

thayná Sabino says:

I can’t stop replaying it. I like everything in this MV: The song, his
voice, coffee and him ^_^

Markus Philip Hjelle says:

this video is so boring. the girl should have buyed a melon and he should
eat it up with the girl so romantic ….. but no for the melon.. poor old
melon :-C

Bee Field says:

i really liked him in the masters sun

Fejee Acenas says:

Whattda, I think I’m in love now..he’s cute..love his eyes, wanna kiss he’s
full lips..arrggghhh

Geremina Cross says:

I love this video, there’s a lot of close-up shots. He looks so cute in
this one, especially when he was lying down, he’s got that baby face.

Ricardo dela Torre says:


Kamalia Nysa says:

This same with me :D.. When im not in mood i will drink more coffee :D. Seo
in guk your voice so sweet :D

Elaine Joy says:

Love his voice ❤️❤️❤️

Lucy Avila says:

Love it!!!!

Chimgee Teecie says:

Omg is he the one from masters sun!!!! And I came here for vixx (jellyfish)
goood he can sing! He can act ! And cuuuute
I think im gonna die now uhhhhhh ><><><

lansehbn says:

His hairstyle somehow reminds me to Reply 1997
Nice song as ever, anyway <3

Licelle Tomista says:

Lemme dedicate this song to my love, coffee :3

Cerita Kita says:

love u seo in guk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rayan koemi karuby says:

do you know ? that seo in guk was pllaying as lee min seok at high school
king of savvy

kginmyheart says:

1:24-1:25 is the reality of In Guk… LOL

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